John Tacchi, CMT
Professional Bodywork


John is amazing! Even after the hardest days of training or biggest crashes, he can fix me up and get me back out on the bike. It's definitely been a HUGE help this season!  -Kate Courtney (North American and Pan-American Mountain Bike Champion)
John is amazing at what he does. He is very knowledgeable, especially with structure and how it applies to the body. He can effectively focus on a specific area or problem as well. I always feel great after a session and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone - everyone could benefit from his services!  -J Kembikian

Enjoyed John's chair massage. As one who works at the computer TOO MUCH - it was a well needed treat for my muscles! Go! Go! Go! Don't delay! Your neck, arms, back and shoulders need this. -Danielle T.  

 John was professional, sensitive and focused . I really enjyed his explanatin of what might be wrong with the tenderness in my back. I will certainly go back.  -Kaye S.  

 I just had my first massage with John, and it will not be my last! His touch is firm but not harsh and he uses pressure points, massage and joint manipulation (kind of like a physical therapist) in perfect harmony to make your back, arms and shoulders feel fabulous! -Debbie

John's chair massage was well worth the 15 minute session. I was impressed with the upper body massage, which included my arms, hands and back. I look forward to being a weekly customer. -Janet B.     

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