John Tacchi, CMT
Professional Bodywork

I have experienced a good many massages from different therapists.  And as a Certified Massage Therapist myself, I'm very particular on what I expect from my session. John listens very carefully to me and we discuss what I would like done, the areas that needed extra attention.  He is a very gifted and highly skilled Massage Therapist.  He is someone I trust because he has great instincts and understands exactly what I need.  Our line of work is very demanding to our bodies and when I have to have any strong, therapeutic bodywork done, I'd go to John.  -Vicki Z

I have been very satisfied with John's body work over the years. My job is pretty physically demanding and his knowledge, skills and focus on my shoulder and lower back pain, as needed, have helped me a great deal. He's very professional and reliable. I highly recommend him. -J.G.

  I've had many massages from John and highly recommend him. He listens well to things coming up in my body - has more training in kinesiology/anatomy than any other bodyworker I've come across - and does a great job explaining the mechanics of how I can keep the healing momentum going at home with stretches, etc. -Mary G.

  John is very professional, has in depth knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and physiology, does excellent gentle or strong deep tissue work.  He is a great listener.  His website is very easy to make appointments.  He has a clean, relaxing space to do his work, easy parking in San Anselmo.  John helped me immensely with the severe pain I was having in my shoulder, upper back, and rib area - all from past injuries.  He also recommended an excellent Yoga studio in Novato which I followed up on and this company is excellent.  I highly recommend John if you've had injuries and need deep tissue work to relieve pain or if you just want a relaxing overall massage. -Linda W.
  My experience getting body work done for back, shoulder and neck pain, throughout the years had been less than what I was hoping for. I'd walk out of many a session with little to no improvement and feel massage must just not be that beneficial for my situation.
3 years ago I first experienced true improvement and lessening of my pain. when I happened to get John Tacchi for my first session at Massage Envy in San Rafael, Ca. I was able to move my body and its parts (!) with more ease and less stiffness and pain. My only complaint was that there was always a lengthy waiting list and over a week or weeks' wait to get a massage appt. with him, there. I later learned that he had opened up his own CMT business and was practicing at an office he used at Whole Athlete in San Anselmo. I've also since had a few in home sessions which make bodywork beyond convenient and logistically helpful.  "Have table, will travel" is a large part of his current practice!
  I cannot recommend, highly enough,  his skill, years of experience and ability to teach you about what's best for the health of your body, spirit and mind as he applies his knowledge through well trained hands and brain, as a healer and excellent certified massage therapist (CMT)
-Daria B.
  John is amazing! Even after the hardest days of training or biggest crashes, he can fix me up and get me back out on the bike. It's definitely been a HUGE help this season!  -Kate Courtney (North American and Pan-American Mountain Bike Champion)
  John is amazing at what he does. He is very knowledgeable, especially with structure and how it applies to the body. He can effectively focus on a specific area or problem as well. I always feel great after a session and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone - everyone could benefit from his services!  -J Kembikian

  Enjoyed John's chair massage. As one who works at the computer TOO MUCH - it was a well needed treat for my muscles! Go! Go! Go! Don't delay! Your neck, arms, back and shoulders need this. -Danielle T.  

 John was professional, sensitive and focused . I really enjyed his explanatin of what might be wrong with the tenderness in my back. I will certainly go back.  -Kaye S.  

   I just had my first massage with John, and it will not be my last! His touch is firm but not harsh and he uses pressure points, massage and joint manipulation (kind of like a physical therapist) in perfect harmony to make your back, arms and shoulders feel fabulous! -Debbie

  John's chair massage was well worth the 15 minute session. I was impressed with the upper body massage, which included my arms, hands and back. I look forward to being a weekly customer. -Janet B.    


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